Body Image and How to Love Yourself the Way You Are

Body Image

Since the time the pandemic has started, people all over the world were forced to get back home and stay there.

Even now, when the vaccine is available, not all countries are functioning the regular way.

People now prefer to stay at home, and manage work and life balance that way.

While doing so, there are many who have taken the social media by storm showing how they are managing their body and maintain weight while staying at home.

Their number is huge. But at the same time, there are a lot of people who are not doing anything like this and worrying about how they are falling behind from the rest of society.

Body Image and Societal Standard

We have undoubtedly made a lot of progress in every sphere of life. We are using technology, AI and IoT in our everyday life. We are traveling to every remote corner of the world.

We are taking our work in the global market. But when it comes to ourselves, where are we currently standing? Have you asked yourself that?

Society has been playing a determining factor in our life, especially for our bodies.

Societal standards of beauty and elegance decide how we should look. This is much more common for women.

The complexion should be fair. The hair should be flawless and naturally beautiful.

The body should be slender with a perfectly proportionate waist, neck, arms, thigh, legs, and butt.

The body should be hairless of course, shaved or waxed to the T. The breasts should be identical and perfectly shaped and big.

We have been fed these ideas for generations by popular media.

From movies to television, from the depiction of women characters in bestselling books to the sizes of clothing designed by almost 90% of designers of the world, we have been reinforcing these ideas again and again.

And we are completely oblivious of the effects of this on our lives.

The Effects of Negative Body Image

Negative body image is not just about having a complex about your own body. This is currently a social, psychological and physiological issue for many.

How? Well, we have been neglecting the effects of the societal standards of beauty on us. And now, we are impacting ourselves directly. How? Take a look.

  • There is a remarkable rise of teenage girls going through the dangerous surgical procedures named Bariatric Surgery that include Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy which practically changes their anatomy in order to maintain the body weight.
  • These surgeries come with risks like cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, severe sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and so on.
  • Women are dieting to the point of malnutrition which causes kidney and cardiovascular problems.
  • Due to being obese and not fitting the so-called beauty standards, many teenage girls deal with bullying and suffer from depression. The suicide rate due to the same is pretty high too.

So, basically, a bit of fat around the stomach, thighs, butt, a bit of acne, marks and stretch marks are the reason why people, especially women are suffering like this globally.

Positive Body Image

If after reading the above-mentioned part you are already recognizing some of the symptoms in you or around you, then it is really time to focus on positive body image for you.

What is positive body image actually?

Don’t worry, it is not rocket science. It is just about falling in love with who you are, even if you have fat, body hair, a dark complexion or marked skin.

You have to understand that these are natural. Your body is surviving all kinds of trauma in life, even currently a global pandemic.

So, if you are not working out and maintaining diet 24×7 to have the right body as per the society, it’s fine. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all.

Developing Body Positivity Image – Love Yourself

Loving is the most spontaneous thing a human being is capable of. We love our parents, friends, partners, even pets.

But why do we fall short in love when it comes to loving ourselves? We remain in the longest relationship with our bodies first.

So, we must love our body just as it is. It should be this simple. How can you do that for your body? Take a look.

  • Learn to admire yourself. Your layers of fat, marks, surgical scars, moles, acne, stretch marks, and body hair, all of these make you beautiful.
  • These are not the things that you need to hide. If you feel disgusted at these, the world will reflect the same behavior. Feel and show love to these and then show the world how to love you.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. It is not a race. If someone is happy to work out and maintain the body, it’s great. If someone is not ready to do so, and dealing with many other issues in life, it is perfect too. Everyone’s journey is not the same.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts. You don’t need to be depressed or sad just because a clothing brand wasn’t farsighted enough to make clothes for you. It is their fault, not yours.
  • Don’t compromise with any kind of bullying, violence and crime because of your body. Your skin color or the shape of the body doesn’t justify the crime of others or their insensitivity.

Be proud of yourself. Think of your body as your most trusted companion in the journey of life. Think about how your body is supporting you and give love to it. Once you start loving yourself, the world will follow too.



The Art of Being Assertive and Saying No without Hurting Others

Being Assertive
Being Assertive
Being Assetive Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

Being assertive does not mean attacking or ignoring others’ feelings. It means that you are willing to hold up for yourself fairly without attacking others.”

  • Albert Ellis

When someone asks you for a favor, you probably always see yourself to be nodding in agreement and saying yes while inside, you are screaming no, loudly. Well, you are not the only one my dear.

There are hundreds of you, kind-hearted people, who don’t know how to say no and often end up being taken for granted and even exploited. You can say, I am also someone like that.

Kindness and the World

But after year, and in a hard way, I have learned that saying “No” is a necessary ability that one must possess.

However, I also understand that it is equally difficult for us to actually use this in reality.

When we grow up with all the guidance and better sense that our parents enrich us with, we also learn that we should be there for the people we care for, for them whom we love.

With time, this idea of being there, (even when we are not needed), becomes ingrained in us.

We stick there, for our family members, for our friends, for our love. But what we don’t understand that we are not exactly appreciated for that.

Are you wondering why so? The simple answer is that the world we live in is very unfriendly, my dear.

With time as we grow up, we become self-centered and perhaps selfish too. We choose to ignore what someone else is going through just to be there for us.

We take them for granted because we never knew that what it will be like if that kind-hearted person suddenly walks out of our lives, saying no.

And that behavior hurts them the most. When you are putting efforts, you don’t always need a reward.

But for those efforts, a bit of appreciation is necessary. And when we don’t get that, it hurts.

Mastering the Art of Assertiveness

That is why, even though it seems almost impossible, you must learn to be assertive. To survive in a world, where decency and understanding are often considered as a weakness, assert yourself. Say “No”, loud and clear, but of course not hurting someone else.

Are you wondering how this notion can be possible, then you must take a look at the following points. Here, I am sharing with you what I have learned from my experiences in life. Read on.

Understand the Difference

The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behavior affect the rights and the well being of others.”

  • Sharon Anthony Bower

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is, understanding the difference between saying “ No” when needed and being rude.

This is the primary dilemma of anyone who learns this for the first time. Say no to people but keep the sting of rudeness away from your voice or your gesture.

There is no need to be aggressive in your approach. Just utter the simple word “No” when you feel your boundaries are already stretched too far.

Understand what you should not do and what can be a too fetched favor from your end. In that case, make sure you are saying no.

Have a Clear Sense of Boundary

To say no and to understand where you must say no, it is necessary that you set a clear boundary.

Without that, you won’t be able to understand that you are already going too far by offering more than what they have asked for.

So, have a clear idea of how far you can go for someone.

For example, if you are accompanying a friend somewhere even when you have other responsibilities as well as a busy schedule, it should happen only once.

If you are doing it more than a couple of times already but you hardly get any appreciation from that friend ever, you are already stretching yourself too far. Set your boundaries and next time when you are asked for the similar favor, say no.

Don’t Feel Guilty

There are often many who feel guilty for saying no. And if you are doing for the first time, you are surely going to feel extremely remorseful for this.

But don’t give in to your remorse. It is better that you think of it as a cleansing phase in your life.

After the initial remorse is gone, you will realize that this step of yours is actually for good and it will also make you feel lighter.

It is not a crime to say no my dear. It is just a way of healthy communication by asserting yourself clearly.

Know Where You Must Not Say No

It is again a necessary step in the right direction. Being someone who is newly learning to say no and denying to stretch unnecessary boundaries, it often becomes a struggle to understand where you must not say that.

In fact, there are situations where even when you know you are going far beyond what you should do, you have to go there.

When it is the question of the necessity of your loved ones, it is obvious that you don’t like to say no. Remember here that “Assertiveness is your ability to act in harmony with your self-esteem without hurting others.”

In the process, if you see that the loved one is on the dire need of your assistance, care or help, don’t hesitate or say no.

Again, for this, learning to set the boundary is important. Once you have the concept clear in your head, you will be able to quickly recognize where you are needed the most. In situations like this, to be honest, appreciation takes the backseat.

The knowledge that the loved one is well is enough to give you peace.

So, now as you know about how it is necessary to be assertive and how you can say no and where you should say no, start practicing.

Honestly, you will get better in recognizing the need for it with more time and practice. Remember, “What you allow is what will continue.”

Overcoming Fear of Aging (Gerascophobia)

Fear of Being Old
Fear of Being Old

‘Age is only a number…’ Oh, the agony of such a trite phrase. Wait, is it truly that trite of a phrase?
As each year elapses, each day that passes, and each second ticks by, many of us unnecessarily cruise through them with full blown Gerascophobia. What on Earth is Gerascophobia? In simple terms, it is the fear of getting old.
If there is one single thing that fastens every human together, it is the fact the none of us can escape aging. Of course, old age is inevitable… at least we’d like to hope so, as the alternative is not nearly as appealing!
Let’s ponder our ‘fears’ for a moment… In regards of aging, we, as humans, have conjured up the thought that it is a disease to be combated with all our power! That is not Universal. It is not ‘natural’. In fact, over the years of population build up, this outlook has been completely made up. From nothing. And then it was taught and spread from ear to ear, until the fear of aging became a plaguing factor over many lives. However, anything you have learned, can be ‘unlearned’.

We’ve seemed to have lost complete touch with the certitude that we should honor old age. With age comes unconditional wisdom. Many countries still firmly trust and believe in this perception! They praise and revere the elders, and the elders give mutual respect in the way they carry themselves, with honor.
There are several reasons and causes for the age-old trepidation of aging. Fortunately, with a trifle of patience and a positive outlook, there are many more reasons taking on age can actually be pleasurable and even relaxing.

Positiveness is embedded inside our minds, inside our main frames. Unavoidably, in fact. And that positivity holds the key to fighting the dread of the inevitable. Tools are being created specifically for this reason alone.
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Create your Own Subliminal

Make your own subliminal

Create your Own Subliminal

Make your own subliminal
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Become Healthy And Stay Healthy Using Your Mind

Health Subliminal
Health Subliminal
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