Overcoming Fear of Aging (Gerascophobia)

Fear of Being Old
Fear of Being Old

‘Age is only a number…’ Oh, the agony of such a trite phrase. Wait, is it truly that trite of a phrase?
As each year elapses, each day that passes, and each second ticks by, many of us unnecessarily cruise through them with full blown Gerascophobia. What on Earth is Gerascophobia? In simple terms, it is the fear of getting old.
If there is one single thing that fastens every human together, it is the fact the none of us can escape aging. Of course, old age is inevitable… at least we’d like to hope so, as the alternative is not nearly as appealing!
Let’s ponder our ‘fears’ for a moment… In regards of aging, we, as humans, have conjured up the thought that it is a disease to be combated with all our power! That is not Universal. It is not ‘natural’. In fact, over the years of population build up, this outlook has been completely made up. From nothing. And then it was taught and spread from ear to ear, until the fear of aging became a plaguing factor over many lives. However, anything you have learned, can be ‘unlearned’.

We’ve seemed to have lost complete touch with the certitude that we should honor old age. With age comes unconditional wisdom. Many countries still firmly trust and believe in this perception! They praise and revere the elders, and the elders give mutual respect in the way they carry themselves, with honor.
There are several reasons and causes for the age-old trepidation of aging. Fortunately, with a trifle of patience and a positive outlook, there are many more reasons taking on age can actually be pleasurable and even relaxing.

Positiveness is embedded inside our minds, inside our main frames. Unavoidably, in fact. And that positivity holds the key to fighting the dread of the inevitable. Tools are being created specifically for this reason alone.
These tools are better known as Subliminal Messages. The sole purpose of the subliminal message is for it to enter your mind on the unconscious level, then proceed to change your outlook on life as they embed positive thoughts into your mind stream. This, in return, has been proven to help you feel a bit more youthful and even appear to be younger as you endure the unpreventable.

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